Our Projects

I.    Algatechnologies Ltd. www.algatech.com (Kibbutz Ketura, Israel)

Algatech is a global leader in the cultivation and harvesting of natural micro-algae sources for nutritional supplements, cosmeceuticals, beverages and functional beverages & foods.  Major investments (2013-2014) have created capacities to meet growing global market demands. New product developments to be launched early 2015.

Astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis is Algatech's flagship product.  AstaPure® Astaxanthin is an important naturally occurring molecule, the most abundant carotenoid in the marine world.  Algatech’s patented technology, licensed from Ben Gurion University (Beersheba), is based upon closed tubular cultivation with natural sunlight energy source.

Brenner pharma/food responsibilities: Business and sales development (global with current focus on U.S., Brazil, Mexico), support R&D innovation, IP licensing for NPD, strategic advisor to CEO for new business development.

II.    Wagott Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. http://www.wagott.com/en  (Chengdu, China)

Established in 1998 on a core business of green tea extracts, today Wagott is a leading manufacturer of a wide range natural plant extracts, with both cGMP and GMP facilities. 
Relying on its state-of-art agro-industrial infrastructure, proprietary technologies, and strict QA/QC controls, Wagott products are sold worldwide, with a focus on Japan, U.S and EU.  

Brenner pharma/food responsibilities: Close cooperation to grow Wagott’s presence in Europe, Southeast Asia, and South Africa  via direct channels to leading manufacturers, strategic collaborations with local service providers, and contract manufacturers. We are emphasizing Stevia Extracts for the food & beverage and nutritional supplements, as well as standardized specialty ingredients, e.g. Ginkgo Biloba extracts and high-EGCG Green Tea extracts.

III.    Greensea SA http://www.greensea.fr/en/ (Montpellier, France)

Greensea, and its parent company Greentech SA www.greentech.fr (Clermont-Ferrand, FR), is a biotech company cultivating a wide range of natural marine ingredients.

Greensea is developing and producing strains of microalgae for applications in Aquaculture. These strains are used as nutriments and as preservation of health in fish farming (rotifers and larvae).

Greensea has perfected a procedure for production of Fluorescent Pigments that serve as markers in the cutting-edge fields of Medical Diagnostics, Molecular Biology and fluorescence techniques such as Flow Cytometry and cellular triage (FACS), enzymatic marking, immune-detection, or correct proportioning in analyses for transfer of fluorescent energy (FRET).

Brenner pharma/food responsibilities:  Support overall market and sales focused in the U.S., and new global business development opportunities.  We have also initiated international business collaborations and with major scientific research institutes and multinational aqua health pharmaceuticals and nutrition products.

IV.     Inno-Bev Ltd.  www.drinkwakeup.com  (Tel Aviv, Israel)

WakeUp® is a next-generation energy beverage boasting natural bona fides, a track record of safety and effectiveness in combating PLD (post-lunch dip) – all without any chemical-stimulant effects that could precipitate a subsequent energy crash.  Clinically-researched and published in a peer-reviewed journal WakeUp has been recognized for functional drink innovation by major industry organizations.  http://newhope360.com/beverages/future-energy-drinks.

Brenner pharma/food responsibilities: Market and business development, new science & IP positioning, specifically for the U.S. market, in collaboration with www.barrington.com

V.      Gan Shmuel Group www.ganshmuel.com (Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, Israel)

Established (1941) in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, the Group merges two of Israel's largest citrus and fruit processors, offering numerous tailor-made quality products and high-quality finished, and semi-finished Juice, Concentrate & Not From Concentrate products.  Clientele includes leading global food and beverage manufacturers, bottlers, caterers and hotels.

Brenner pharma/food responsibilities: Working closely with the Gan Shmuel R&D Team to develop a series of added value natural ingredients and additive designed for nutritional health and cosmetic applications.